Monday, April 26, 2021

How We Got Our Dog


The Marvelous Miss Romie

Crikey, it's so long since I've been here that I've forgotten what the place looks like. Who moved all the furniture? And where's my typewriter? Don't tell me The Don has melted it down or sold it for scrap metal!

It was with shock that I saw I haven't posted since last July! That is unconscionable. What on earth have I been doing. Well...
  • Surviving a global pandemic, for one. Since April of 2019, I've worked as an in-home caregiver (I have several senior gentlemen for clients. My most venerable is 97.) It's my calling, I've discovered. I'm also fully vaccinated. However, my writing has also reasserted itself so...
  • I'm writing a number of novels at once. Go figure. However, I'm happy for the creative swell. Now, if only I can keep each character straight...
  • I sorrowfully haven't done much reading of middle grade fiction and hence no reviews on this blog. Hopefully I will get back to that one day.
  • I have also been writing short pieces or "challenges" on a website called VOCAL. One gets paid for each pair of eyeballs which land on one's piece, so if you have a spare second, I'd be thrilled if you headed for my latest attempt. It's about how our family adopted our dog and how she changed our lives.
I promise I'll be back again soon. After all, Mafioso don't disappear--intentionally, that is. Ciao!

Here's the link to my post on VOCAL: Our Romie