Bios for the Mafiosi

Michael "Michele" Gettel-Gilmartin a.k.a "The Blogfather"

There have been reported sightings of me in Portland, Oregon--always with my trusty fedora.

I write "tween" middle grade, spend way too much time online, and occasionally bay at the moon.

Don Vito Corleone is my silent partner in this enterprise. My wife and three sons (just like in The Godfather!) describe themselves as long-suffering.

Don Vito Corleone:
A successful businessman, now semi-retired, Don Vito Corleone has recently found a brand-new interest: directing the blogging efforts on Middle Grade Mafioso or, as he prefers to call it, Top Grade Mafioso.

Originally from a small town in Sicily, but long a resident of New York, Don Vito loves all things Italian. He is not, however, completely pleased with the way he was represented in both the novel and film of his life. “For the record, I’m much better looking than Brando. As for Puzo, he wanted to write me out of the series, so he came up with that hokey faceplant-while-gardening scene. But what he didn’t realize is, unlike writers, Great Characters never die.”

Don Vito welcomes comments. But, if anything displeases him, you’d better stay away from the windows. Just sayin’.