Monday, April 17, 2017

What's Up in Mafiosoland

Okay, it's officially that time of the year when I go "where the heck is the time going?!" Mid-April, already, folks!! I'd like to think the Don and I have been setting the world to rights, or strolling through the olive groves during our spring holidays, but it's actually been nose to the grindstone in my other official role as family chauffeur.

Those of you familiar with the Mafioso brood may remember that I have three sons. The oldest is in college, but the younger two are both still at home. Middle is a thespian and his latest play--ROBIN HOOD at Portland's Northwest Children's Theater--is about to start performances this week. (A LOT of driving to rehearsals and such.) Youngest is a basketball and baseball player, and we have been attempting to play baseball during what may turn out to be our wettest spring on record. They've played two games, and finally won a game for the first time in two years. O sweet victory! You'd have thought they'd won the World Series from all the carrying on.

In between, I've been trying to write my novels, keep Project Mayhem up-and-running, and reading all sorts of adult books for my various book groups. (One of the novels being The River Why, which I first read 20 years ago. It bears reading again!) Here's one quote I've just read:

"Always it is the same; it is the greedy, the cruel, the ungrateful that bring down suffering upon the people."
                                                                -- Thomas Bigeater

I do have a busy few weeks coming up, as I've been invited to take part in several blog tours. There will be a post this coming Thursday when I will be featuring Ruth Freeman's ONE GOOD THING ABOUT AMERICA.

I would love it if you would drop by on the 20th, to learn about  Ruth 's novel, and for the chance of winning an ARC.

Till then, you'll find me behind the wheel. Ciao!


  1. Glad you will be around more. My boyfriend is into the theater and I'm co-producing the play that opens in May. It's turned into being prop person and many hats too. So much work for the actors too, like your son going to rehearsal. I can remember all the driving too. I used to have to take vacation time from work to drive my daughter until she got her license.

  2. Ah, I remember all that driving to and from rehearsals, though both of my sons were on the Lighting and Sound crew. Still just as many rehearsals. Best of luck to Middle with Robin Hood and Youngest with baseball. And congratulations to the baseball team!

    I haven't even heard of The River Why, but I'm impressed that you're in more than one book group. I can barely keep up with one.

  3. Wow. You really are a busy guy! My daughter is an actor and I remember the days of relentless rehearsals. Tech week is always the worst. Once the show opens, life calms down. I hope all goes well. My grandson is the baseball player and I drive a lot for that. My daughter works and, try as she might, can do it all. Wins have been elusive this spring for his team too. Keep on keepin' on. Summer is just around the corner.


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