Thursday, June 7, 2012

Do-Over of Yesterday's Post: A Giveaway of HEART OF A SHEPHERD


Blogger scrambled the scheduling of my post yesterday, which is the excuse I'm giving the Don for the fact that I did not receive one single comment, which in itself is a first for Middle Grade Mafioso. And since we celebrate every first, we all went out for antipasti at the Don's favorite Italian eatery and sang sad songs late into the night.

But now we're back, bright and bushy tailed and DESPERATELY wanting to bestow Rosanne Parry's masterful novel HEART OF A SHEPHERD on a worthy recipient. Folks, this is a special book, so whip up a frenzy for me. Otherwise, I'll be out of a blogging job and you'll all be subjected to Luca's grandiose posturings. (Did you know he wants to rename this blog LUCA'S LAVISH LITERARY LIAISONS?!!!) Spare us from that. Please.


  1. I'm making a fuss! This book sounds like a good read.

  2. Michael - You have a great sense of humor... love the mafia theme in your posts!

    I'm sure this is a great book... thanks for the giveaway!


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