Monday, June 11, 2012

Grand Prize Winner Announced

Imagine the scene:

The Don, surrounded by serried ranks of mafiosi. He strokes his favorite cat, Salvatore. He speaks.

The Don: So, Michele, you have the winner for me?

Me: Yes, your Don-ness

The Don: Enough of the fancy schmanzy, Michele. Bring me the hat. (He trawls stubby fingers through the pieces of paper in the hat, draws one out.) Here's the winner.

Luca Brasi, in a high-pitched voice: Is it me, Uncle Vito?

The Don: Did you comment, Luca? Did you take part in Michele's blog celebration? No? Then shut up.

(Luca steps back, shamefacedly.)

The Don: Okay, Michele. Who's the winner? He gets an agent, right?

Me: Er, no Godfather. He or she gets 25 bucks.

The Don: 25 bucks?! What is this, a second-rate operation? You might as well give them 25 lire--or what do they call 'em now? Euro? My grand-daughter gets 25 bucks for washing my car. The winner of this thing should get an agent. My nephew, Luigi. He only takes a 60 percent commission.

Me: (thinking Holy Mother of God): Okay, Godfather. We'll give the winner 25 bucks and Luigi. And the winner is...

(Sorry, Kristen. I'll make sure Luigi gets sent to Boston, Indiana!)

Seriously, hooray for Kristen. She's a great MG writer, she's funny, and she writes a great blog at Don't Forget the Samovar. If you don't know her, go on over and meet her right now.

Thanks, everyone, for all your comments and support this past year. I am humbled and happy. We had a great week, Luca was thwarted, and Luigi's getting an all-expenses paid trip to the Indy 500!! Grazie!


  1. Congrats to Kristen. And Michael, thanks for such a creative, fun post.

  2. Who-hooooooo!
    Michael, I was so drawn in by your story with Luca and the picture of the Don with the cute kitty and all, I didn't even glance down and see that it was me until I got to my name. That's some good writing there, when a person doesn't even see her own name. Thanks for linking to my blog and everything!
    Now. You're SURE there's a Boston in Indiana, right? Because if Luigi shows up at my house expecting 60% of all my royalties, my husband is not going to be too happy with me for "winning" him.
    One teensy request--if you, perhaps, were to participate in my contest this week, I would love it if the Don would chime in with his own entry. And I think he'll like this particular contest. It seems like his kinda thing. Of course, Michael, you are welcome to come up with an entry yourself, too; you certainly have your funny moments.
    Thank you so much! *dances around computer table*

  3. Congrats Kristen! And looking forward to your next year of blogging Michael!

  4. Love the announcement! And yay for Kristen!


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