Friday, September 30, 2011

Sleepin' With The Fishes? The Don's Reaction To My News

(MGMafioso enters the room. The Don is eating cannoli. MGM is upset to see another person in the room: internet-fiend, Luca Brasi Jr. This can only mean trouble.)

MGM: You wanted to see me, Godfather?

The Don: (licking his fingers) Ahh, Michele. Good of you to make time to see your old Godfather. How is the blogging going?

MGM: Great, Godfather. We have 56 Mafiosi following us, and a bunch of comments, and...

The Don: (Holding up a hand) Luca here intercepted an e-mail meant for you.

MGM: (thinking "uhoh") Hey Luca. You enjoying Twitter?

Luca crosses to Don Corleone and slides a paper in front of him, then gives MGM a smug smile. The Don picks up the paper and makes a show of reading it.

The Don: Michele, what does 'mayhem' mean?

Luca: I can answer that, Godfather. "Crazy fun."

The Don, pressing his fingertips together: "So, you two-timing us, Michele? After all we've done for you, this is how you repay us?

Luca: Can I have his job now, Boss?

The Don: Luca, Luca. Haven't I always told you, patience? Let's hear what Michele has to say first."

MGM: You know, Godfather. If Luca here intercepted an e-mail, I didn't see it. Capice? I don't know what any of this means.

The Don: You've always been a clever one, Michele. That why those Project Crazy Fun people want you?

MGM: Project Mayhem, boss. Other top-grade writers. We're all in this together.

They're all in this together, ya know

Luca: Don't ya be getting all High School Musical in front of the Boss.

MGM, ignoring Luca: It's just another family, Godfather. Think; together we can rule the blogosphere.

Luca: The Godfather don't like no other familes, capice. The Godfather..."

The Don, holding up a hand: Quiet, Luca. Michele, you think these guys can do business with the famiglia?

MGM: Do business? They are the business. And another thing, Godfather... (MGM hands the Godfather another piece of paper. The Don studies it for a moment.)

The Don: Who's this Cybil dame? She got any money?

MGM: I dunno, Godfather. But I'm a round one judge of the top-grade novels this year. We'll be famous.

Luca: NO!!!!!!

The Don, giving Luca "the eye": You mean, these writers will be coming to us...

MGM: ...Cap in hand.

The Don: Any of these guys rich?

MGM: Rich in words.

The Don calls out to someone outside the room: "Clemenza. Come in here. You need to take Luca fishin' this morning."

Luca (screams): No, Boss. Please. I was only trying to protect your interests. Give me the Twitter account. I'll make it up to you.

The Don watches as several burly men enter the room and drag Luca away: Ah, that Luca Jr. Nothin' like his old dad. I miss the good old days, Michele."

MGM: But these are the good new days, Godfather. (He lugs a bag containing a pile of middle grade novels out from behind him.) Look, new books.

The Don: Any more from the Yak guy?

MGM:  Signore London? We have to wait for November 15th for him.

The Don nods, making a note in his planner: Okay, what you waitin' for? Let's get readin'.


  1. You're hilarious.

    Luca Brasi may be the best gangster name ever. Too bad he dies so quick in the story.

  2. Love it! Especially the inclusion of something High School Musical. Good luck to you at Project Crazy Fun.

  3. :-D

    Thanks for the laugh! Poor Luca...


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