Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Don's Goin' All-Out

The Boss has never been accused of subtlety. And he's become pretty obsessed with our blog stats, muttering things like "gotta rub out the competition." I tell him that we're all middle "top" grade friends, but old gangster habits die hard, I guess.

The latest: Don Vito's opened the petty cash box and sent me off to the local indie, Annie Bloom's, where I snagged the last copy of We Are Not Eaten by Yaks.
Youse gotta read this!

I've been instructed that if we hit 26 comments or over (lucky number 13 times 2), there will be a

second lucky winner.

So tell your friends. (Or not. 'Cos if we fail, I get to keep the copy.)

Here's what you must do: Comment at the original post. Multiple comments are welcome; just don't froth at the mouth. Contest will close on Sunday September 25 at midnight, PST. Ciao!!


  1. How awesome! Because it sounds like a great book. I'll post this on Facebook.

  2. Hmm. Go back to the first one? Okay boss.

  3. Awesome. And way to listen to the Boss.

  4. I am not frothing at the mouth.I swear!


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